Recycling Fridge

Small minds talk about peoples,

Average minds talked about events,

Great minds talk about ideas.

Today’s english class was pretty interesting. We were given a simple task in a group to discuss ways of reusing old junks. Each group were to select a type of junk – from old newspapers, old refrigerators, old tyres, old computers and old cans. My group took old tyres. Another group took old newspaper. Another brother’s group took old tyres too. and, most interesting, this brother group who took old refrigerator. There’s lots of ways to recycle old tyres and old newspapers right ( hence that’s why we took the easy job, haha). But old fridge? Let’s see that group of brothers’ idea to recycle old fridge.

1) Took the fridge’s door and remake it as a door.

This started the laughter in the class as soon as the presenter ( who’s rather cute ) finished his sentence.

2) Convert it to a  Safety box.

“And how’s you’re going to lock it?” Asked the lecturer. ( We’re to busy laughing to ask questions)

“We install a padlock to it.” ( more laughter)

3) An aquarium.

I’ve heard about washing machine being converted to aquarium. ( In fact my family had done it.). But fridge? hmmm.

4) A cupboard/locker

The class laughed, I laughed too,but I think this is possible. Well, my family used to practice this too. Way when I was in the primary school, and we’re staying temporarily in the teacher’s house, my father didnt want to add any furniture to our house because he was thinking about the difficulty to move it all. Well, since the broken fridge is quite ok physically ( no rust, no smell and all) but was beyond repair, my mother who hated to waste it turned it into my small brother’s wardrobe. He was only 5 or 6 , so he didn’t have that big wardrobe anyway. In fact, he was perfectly happy to have a wardrobe with magneted door.

At the end of the class, my group was voted as the group with the best idea and the fridge group the second.  I still think the best could go for them really. We can laugh, but people laughed at Thomas Edison too when he try to invent the bulb…

More idea?

Schubert Sonata d845


During my three months ‘hibernation’ at home, I have this pet Ayam at home.

The mother hen along with its other eight little chicks was swallowed by a typhoon. Leaving behind two small little beaks.

One could not survive, leaving the only one. Hence, naturally it received 5-star treatment from us, especially from me.

It used to follow me around the house, and didnt even mind me touching him. He stood unusually still everytime I reach over to pat it’s head lightly.

I left it at home, while he’s learning to crow. (not so smooth, but quite ok). Probably when I m home again he must be having two or three aweks trotting along with him.

The Laughing Baby

Ethan, the most popular one at YT. His laughing make my day <3.


Last night, about 10 pm I was at this building, alone and the rain started pouring. It’s dark and nobody in sight. Suddenly I remembered the stories being told in this online forum of ex-IIUM students about how there’re ‘something’ being seen in this building at times like this. It is unusual for me to be afraid – I am quite brave, kuat semangat orang kata.

Urm, I cancelled to go through my decided route passing the tunnel, instead I turned and walked to the cafe nearest to the mosque where there’re plenty of students with laptops ( groups with assignments due tomorrow, must be), ordered a roti telur and sat there until the rain stopped.

Less foruming next time, maybe?

A Situation I Could Not Conclude

I have my lunch today in the different cafe than yesterday. Looking forward to eat the meatballs, I pointedly beelined to the Bakso stall with this exhausted-looking Indonesian cutting vegetables at the time. She looked like she was about to cry.

Concerned, I asked her what was wrong. She told me about how she’s old and alone, have to do all the job in the cafe. While I was waiting my order to be done and listening to her, I can feel Makcik Goreng Pisang at the nearby stall watching us. I took my order and sit, facing the TV. The cafe was quite lone with few other students. Other stall workers didnt seem tensed like the makcik Bakso – they even have time to stop between per-customer,  watching the indo-drama on the TV. Makcik Bakso continued doing her job at the Bakso Stall. Makcik Goreng Pisang came to wipe my table and gave me a look I didnt quite managed to read.

She did seem quite frail and old, her movement not too fast, she’s not as energized like other workers. Hmm.


Today I walked through the short tunnel and at the end of it, on the pavement part of the E0 building, sat three makcik cleaners, crossed-leg and chatting merrily among themselves, quite oblivious to the fact that no normal person ( at least adult) would dare themselves to sit on the floor just like that.

I was quite jealous.


A close friend just called from her office, asking me is there any thing she could help since she’s quite free at the moment. That’s nice of her. I learn a lot of people skills from this friend.

Last night, another friend who I never talked to during campus life told me – “ko memang bodoh kalau ko give up!” I was quite flattered with this kind of boldness. It’s hard to find a person that can tell you the truth 100% like the way it should be.

Yesterday, a friend complimented “ko dah berubah la! You’re more open than reserved like before.” I asked her back – “Itu sepatutnya OK atau tak OK?”

“Masih lagi pada tahap yang normal”, she replied.

“Bagus. Kalau aku dah terlebih dan tersalah. Sila tegur aku. Aku perlukan kawan untuk pantau dan tegur kesalahan aku.”

The Man of Liverpool – Rafa Benitez

People asked me why I have a lot of interests in Liverpool. The answer is – not  the footballers, but the player of the mind game in football – Rafa Benitez. ( Though I used to follow Bellamy because of his amazing speed, shame he seemed to need a lot of anger management course).

This recent views about Benitez from Sir Ferguson himself summed all about him.

Death Note and Harry Potter

Because I have some free times, and currently working on on a science fiction/mystery genre, i spent some on Death Note the anime. An alternative for Supernatural for whomever boycotting the US products. It is a story with Japanese culture and concept of Shinigami, but like everyone elses,the real thing that made me really enjoyed the anime series is the battle of wits between the main character; Light and L. The plot is almost unpredictable, with both of them have the equal talent of geniuses.

I read somewhere that, the best villain make the best hero. However, in this story, the villain ( Light) was made as the main character, a rare approach which I think what make it interesting. And dissappointing, since they have to ended L halfway of the series. See, since this was an anime series, people started rooting for Light and L, almost equal; and this is a big mistake for an author since he wasnt supposed to make the people totally admire the villain. The battle of them two should be stopped if he did not want any more admiration to Light and this couldnt not happen unless he kill L and replaced him with another successor of L that is less attractive than L himself. This is my personal theory only. Making the villain as the main character is indeed not an easy thing to do.

This reminded me to another villain that I personally thought  the second most popular villain in the world after Darth Vadder – Voldemort; the one that Harry Potter want to kill so much.  Because this is a story about Harry, the author did not have much trouble in making Voldemort the most fearful and hateful. However, I think the real battle is between Professor Snape and Voldemort. Some said between Dumbledore and Voldemort. It is a story about Harry Potter on the outside but as it went nearing to the end, that what was I saw – the battle between Severus Snape and Voldemort in the point of view of Harry.

I really want to try make one with the villain as the main character. Hmm..