Recycling Fridge

Small minds talk about peoples,

Average minds talked about events,

Great minds talk about ideas.

Today’s english class was pretty interesting. We were given a simple task in a group to discuss ways of reusing old junks. Each group were to select a type of junk – from old newspapers, old refrigerators, old tyres, old computers and old cans. My group took old tyres. Another group took old newspaper. Another brother’s group took old tyres too. and, most interesting, this brother group who took old refrigerator. There’s lots of ways to recycle old tyres and old newspapers right ( hence that’s why we took the easy job, haha). But old fridge? Let’s see that group of brothers’ idea to recycle old fridge.

1) Took the fridge’s door and remake it as a door.

This started the laughter in the class as soon as the presenter ( who’s rather cute ) finished his sentence.

2) Convert it to a  Safety box.

“And how’s you’re going to lock it?” Asked the lecturer. ( We’re to busy laughing to ask questions)

“We install a padlock to it.” ( more laughter)

3) An aquarium.

I’ve heard about washing machine being converted to aquarium. ( In fact my family had done it.). But fridge? hmmm.

4) A cupboard/locker

The class laughed, I laughed too,but I think this is possible. Well, my family used to practice this too. Way when I was in the primary school, and we’re staying temporarily in the teacher’s house, my father didnt want to add any furniture to our house because he was thinking about the difficulty to move it all. Well, since the broken fridge is quite ok physically ( no rust, no smell and all) but was beyond repair, my mother who hated to waste it turned it into my small brother’s wardrobe. He was only 5 or 6 , so he didn’t have that big wardrobe anyway. In fact, he was perfectly happy to have a wardrobe with magneted door.

At the end of the class, my group was voted as the group with the best idea and the fridge group the second.  I still think the best could go for them really. We can laugh, but people laughed at Thomas Edison too when he try to invent the bulb…

More idea?

One response to this post.

  1. well, i thought you will tell us how your group come to first place with that old tyre.


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